Fedorova Alexandra



1974 born in Leningrad 1990-96 actress in the theatre LEM, St.Petersburg 1992-94 listener in Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture 1993-97 studied at the Theatre Academy, St.Petersburg

Selected exhibitions

1997 ” Jump into the unknown”, SPAS gallery, St.Petersburg
1997 “New Step”, Karl Anderson gallery, St.Petersburg 1998 ”Little Creattions”, Museum of the New Academy of Fine Arts, St.Petersburg
1999 “Piece in four hands”, A.M.Gerasimov Museum, Michurinsk 2001 “Short shadows illusion”, Freud’s Dreams Museum, St.Petersburg
2002 “Photobiennale 02”. Manege. Moscow
2003 “Sleepy Realm”, D-137 Gallery, St.Petersburg
2003 “Naked City”,the exhibition hall of the editorial office “The new world of Art”, St.Petersburg
2003 “Claviger Librarii”, Museum of the New Academy of Fine Arts, St.Petersburg
2008 “Inner architecture”, D137 gallery, Saint-Petersburg
2009 ”Inner architecture.2”, D137 gallery, Saint-Petersburg
2010 “Frendship”,100svoih gallery, Saint-Petersburg 2011 “Germination” symposium art and sculpture, Mahabalipuram, India
2011 Russian contemporary art from Abhay Kumar collection, New Delhi, India
2014 “Man from Jaisalmer”, Crocodile,Saint-Petersburg
2015 “Lukomorye”, museum New Academy of Fine Arts, Saint -Petersburg
2018 “Portrait on the background of the sea” Diaghilev Museum of Modern Art St. Petersburg State University


“Ekaterina” foundation, Moscow Alberto Sandretti’ collection, Italy D137 gallery collection, Russia Abhay Kumar collection, India,
Diaghilev Museum of Modern Atr St.Petersburg State University collection


The second part of 20century Russian Art from Sandretti Foundation collection. Catalogue–album, author A.Obuhova.Moscow,2009