Nikolay Kopeikin Art project SB BS and STP

Nikolay Kopeikin Art project SB BS and STP (Sponge Bob, Bonge Spb and Scientific and Technical Progress) is not thematic.
More likely it is nothing but a presentation of pictorial paintings of an artist, Nikolai Kopeikin, which he created in his unalterable style of multi-realism. Pursuing a constructive method of dramatization of the idiotic, and idiotization of dramatic occurrences, the author introduces the audience to his view of already known phenomena of today. Visitors of the exhibition have the opportunity to see and emotionally experience the last accomplishments of scientists from the start of Large Hadron Collider to the world of Microbiologist, to understand a Tatar optical illusion of a famous discoverer, to have a look at Stagnation, and to witness Domiciliary Excretion of Toxins. At the exhibition it is planned to demonstrate a musical-literary almanac, Brown Age of Russian Poetry, as well as to have the first performance of a video on Boris Grebenshikov’s song, Wealthy (sorry, Carefree) Russian Tramp. (NOMFILM production, project Peredonov and Volodin, 2008)