Sergeyev Sergey’s new project NEW CONSTRUCTIONS CAVING IN / EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN took him two years of work. A well-known St Petersburg artist, Sergeyev Sergey was also among the founders of D137 gallery, which makes it apt to present the gallery’s new catalogue dedicated to its tenth anniversary during the opening ceremony of Sergeyev’s personal exhibition. Both in his work and in his life, Sergeyev Sergey is an advocate of beauty and harmony and a true supporter of individuality. His ‘new constructions’ are not simply a part of the city but the embodiment of depersonalization contemporary people are encompassed with in their everyday life. “New constructions suggest that we should accept ordinary comforts and the surrogate of indifferent forms. New constructions reveal the absence of independent opinion. New constructions are like MP3 format – the abundance of information and extremely bad sound. New constructions make us dumb and deaf, they deaden our feelings. New constructions: mass production vs individuality of things. New constructions force us to spend our time surfing the Internet and collecting ads pasted on fences. New constructions make us perceive art through posters. New constructions are the puppeteer art critics responsible for turning images into literature and slogans. New constructions are dead derivations of somebody else’s vivid ideas”. Sergeyev Sergey “Sergeyev Sergey’s work touches upon the hottest problems of contemporary art. His compositions masterfully imitating various materials, textures and sounds (often fantastic ones) balance on the fanciful edge dividing conservatism and experiment, traditionalism and exotics, expressive materiality and ephemeral evanescence. Their vacillating textures and meanings elude clarification as if guarding some innermost mystery. These works are intriguing; they temp spectators with their visual richness but this richness can easily turn into cold melancholy and distance. It is the very texture of Sergeyev’s works that produces the principle effect being the basis of their spiritual and thematic content. It is the texture that creates the space of happening: even when the artist paints a surface imitating metal and stone, it remains a living organism that changes in the process of contemplation” Andrei Khlobystin Sergeyev Sergey’s works were purchased in the collections of the Russian State Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), the State Museum of the History of St Petersburg (Russia), the Sevastopol Museum of Art (Ukraine), the Zimmerly Art Museum (New Jersey, USA), the Museum of Non-conformist Art (St. Petersburg, Russia).