FABLE Association

FABLE Association

France. Art. Beauty. Freedom of expression

The FABLE association was created in January 2024 with the idea of uniting the artistic activities of its members, who are people from different backgrounds, living in France or in other countries, but loving France, its culture and drawing inspiration from it.

France allows creative people freedom to express themselves, and the association welcomes artists who create and appreciate beauty that can beautify and improve the world, and helps them integrate into French culture. Members of the association can be creators of different directions: artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, actors, etc.

The idea of creating an association belongs to the Art Club D137.

The association’s first project is the FABLE exhibition, which will take place in June 2024 at the Ecuries Saint-Hugues exhibition space in Cluny (Burgundy). Artists participating in the exhibition:

Alexey Burchalovsky, Elena Levis (www.yelenalewis.com), Kakha Nizaradze (www.karhanizharadze.org), Sergey Sergeev (www.d137.org)

Contacts: fable@d137.org